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Stunning AR filters for your brand

Atelar creates interactive and highly engaging filters

with immersive AR experiences

Beauty filters

Let your audience look even more attractive with makeup, improved face proportions and beauty effects

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Fashion filters

Let your followers try on stylish looks, jewelry and mainstream fashion from different eras

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Entertaining filters

Leave your audience open-mouthed with creative filters and entertaining games

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Object filters

Allow your consumers to see your products or any other content right next to them, as if they were real

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Location filters

Allow your users to travel anywhere in the world without leaving their homes

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AR filters allow brands and influencers to increase the reach of stories, the number

of followers, brand awareness and activity of the audience. Let your audience

spread your message for you by sharing photos and videos

with immersive AR experiences


Expand the reach of your stories through the viral spread of AR filters in a short time to a wide audience without any expenditures for ads


Interactive AR filters stimulate human gamified participation, and thus are memorized much better than photos and videos

Brand Awareness

Creative AR filters will attract the users’ attention and qualitatively highlight your stories among the huge flow of content on social networks