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Stunning AR filters for your brand

Atelar is a creative digital studio working with brands

and influencers to develop AR filters


Let your audience try on makeup, presets, face proportions, hair colors and beauty effects

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Wrap your customers into fashion looks, jewellery pieces, fancy eyeglasses and headwear

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Amaze your followers with entertaining filters, camera styles and creative visual effects

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Astonish your audience with creative games and engaging quizzes

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Let your followers learn and explore the world through immersive AR experiences

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Increase the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns by adding interactive filters

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Experience any virtual products, objects and places right next to you, as if they were real

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AR filters allow brands and influencers to increase the reach of stories and posts,

the number of followers and activity of the audience. Let your audience

spread your message for you by sharing photos and videos

with immersive AR experiences


Expand the reach of your stories and posts through the viral spread of filters to a wide audience without any expenditures for ads


Offer your customers an opportunity to try on your virtual products on social media, as if they were real

Brand Awareness

Attract the users’ attention and highlight your stories and posts among the huge flow of content on social media

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